• “Using newspapers obituaries to nowcast daily mortality: evidence from the Italian COVID-19 hot-spots”, with P. Buonanno. Health Policy 125 (2021) pp. 535-540 [link].
  • “Estimating the severity of COVID-19: Evidence from the Italian epicenter” with Paolo Buonanno and Sergio Galletta. PLoS ONE 15(10): e0239569 [link]. Media coverage: Cambridge Core, NTV, Fanpage.

Working papers

  • Lux Lucet in Tenebris:  the role of Waldensian culture in reducing the gender-gap,” with A. Berlanda and P. Buonanno. [pdf] Submitted.
  • “Peer Effects in Crime” with E. Gavrilova-Zoutman. [pdf] forthcoming in “A Modern Guide to the Economics of Crime”
  • “Earthquake Hazard and Civic Capital” with P. Buonanno and G. Plevani. [pdf] Submitted.
  • “Deliberative Institutions and Optimality” with J. Mathis and S. M. Sepe. [pdf] Submitted.
  • Sex in the City: Capitalizing Regulated Prostitution into Housing Prices,” with F. De Rossa, G. Immordino, and R. Parchet. [pdf available soon]
  • “Spatial dynamics of SARS-Cov-2 and reduced risk of contagion: evidence from the second Italian epidemic wave” with P. Buonanno and S. Galletta. [pdf] Submitted.
  • “Corruption and Within-Country Stereotypes” with P. Buonanno and P. Sbriglia. [pdf] R&R Journal of Institutional Economics
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  • “Ownership and Innovation: Evidence from Switzerland” with M. Vatiero [pdf]

Working projects

  • “Epistemic and Formal Deliberation,” with J. Mathis and S. M. Sepe.
  • “The Value of Consensus: An Experimental Analysis of Costly Deliberation,” with K. J. Saral and S. M. Sepe.
  • “Discrimination and Stereotypes in the Age of COVID19: A Field Experiment,” with P. Buonanno and F. Porta
  • “Supply Chain Corruption: A Field Experiment in India,” with U. Dasgupta, S. Mani, K. J. Saral, and D. Serra.
  • “Organized Crime and Regime Change”