Papers under review

  • “Intention-based Social Influence in Sharing Experiments,” with D. Di Cagno, W. Güth and P. Sbriglia (under review) [pdf]
  • “Ownership and Innovation: Evidence from Switzerland,” with M. Vatiero [pdf]

Work in progress

  • “Choosing All Together: The Rational Foundation of Jury Unanimity,” with J. Mathis and S. Sepe
  • “The Value of Consensus: An Experimental Analysis of Costly Deliberation,” with K. J. Saral and S. Sepe
  • “The Capitalization of Regulated Prostitution into Housing Prices,” with F. De Rossa, G. Immordino, and R. Parchet
  • “The Long-Run Legacy of Institutions: A Lab-Field Experiment,” with P. Buonanno and P. Sbriglia
  • “Supply Chain Corruption: A Field Experiment in India,” with U. Dasgupta, S. Mani, K. J. Saral, and D. Serra